Al Jumooh Equestrian Club is a state of an art facility in Al Awir, Dubai. We offer a wide range of equestrian activities which include horse riding lessons for all experience levels, endurance riding training, livery, farrier, horse carriage, horse riding lessons, breaking horses, horse carriage and events.

Al Jumooh Facility is designed and built by experienced horse riders who with years of experience know truly how to give proper care to horses. The facility contains every necessary requirement in terms of the services. The staff at Al Jumooh is selectively chosen based on their experience and achievements for their excellence in equestrian services. We have professionals who give lessons to newcomers at Al Jumooh, with their experience and training methods we achieve results that are unmatched.

Al Jumooh is an equestrian club that runs different training courses for horse riding. If you are considering a career with horses or interested to broaden your horizon in equine knowledge, then Al Jumooh equestrian club is the right place for you.
Al Jumooh stable is able to offer part as well as full liveries. If you are unable to look after your horse, then let us assure you that they care well at Al Jumooh Equestrian Club's livery with its range of services that are being provided to horses at our stables.
The Al Jumooh staff undertake all care of the horse, often exercise the horse and train them. Liveries are usually the most expensive option but we are offering a wide range of services to your horse at affordable prices. Bedding, feeding, stall mucked out, training, exercise, and a farm or paddock are provided with the package.

We specialize in horse care and training. We take this to the next level, having all the required necessities in the house there are very limited equestrian clubs in UAE that offer similar services under one roof.

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