Our Chalets are a facility designed, specifically for your comfort. Welcome to our cozy rooms with a view overlooking the entire equestrian facility to both tantalize and relax your mind and body. With a panoramic and captivating view, your daydreaming time is one look away. And when you step back into reality, step outside the room and let us help you realize that dream!

The grandiose view and the equestrian lifestyle may work up your appetite for which we are prepared to serve you yet again. Fully equipped with extraordinary hospitality service, your breakfast, lunch, and dinner shall be timed to perfection and served with a heartfelt and warm smile.

As a part of its Chalet service, Aljumooh offers a family room and a camping room so you shall have a place with us if you bring the family or friends. We are the comfort of your bedside table. Experience a luxurious stay with us unlike any other, experience your stay with Aljumooh! We are redefining the 5-star experience for our visitors and customers.

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