Coffee Shop

Indulging yourself in equestrian lifestyle is such an adrenaline rush! Add to that exhilaration with an aromatic cup of high-quality coffee that is always brewed to perfection to make your stay at Al Jumooh even better. We offer various assortments of premium quality coffee that will tantalize the palettes of our coffee drinkers — a full-bodied creamy coffee, a complex mix of exotic coffee with chocolate or vanilla syrup, a dash of spices, beans roasted lightly or dark to your liking, perfect balance lightness, and sweetness, stringiness that keeps you going all day; we offer it all. A warm cup of coffee to brighten and highlight your day with us.

Al-Jumooh’s coffee shop offers a warm, relaxing, toasty and comfortable environment that would perk up your day before spending a day with our beautiful horses.

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