Breaking Horses

Backing, breaking and training a young horse needs to be done by an expert. As it can be much harmful to a horse at such a young age if it has done without the right support and information.

Horses are multi-purpose animals. Horses are used for practical working purposes such as for controlling herd animals, in police work, in sports, eventing, dressage, endurance riding, vaulting, driving, rodeo, racing, tent pegging, parades and much more. Horses are also used for competitive and noncompetitive purposes as hunting, farming, trail riding, hacking or for the therapeutic purpose to improve human health and emotional development. Horses were used in different activities in past such as police work, transportation, warfare, and farm work but nowadays they are basically trained for sports activities.

To perform all these duties they need proper assistant and training where a trainer needs to be familiar with prevention and treatment of horse injuries.

Breaking a horse is more than just teaching him to pull a carriage. They need to train to cope with really frightening situations. Horses are learned to be manageable by men for everyday care and equestrian activities such as racing, eventing, jumping or to therapeutic horseback riding for disable people. We teach them to be comfortable and confident with heavy traffic on roads while driving as well as doing noise desensitization, water training, and enabling them to work comfortably and happily. It is necessary to build up a trust and love relationship between horse and its handler, otherwise, horse breaking can be more harmful than good. We aim to unveil amazing things which can possibly achieve with a horse by training it by professionals. We constantly update our methods of horse breaking with modern techniques. We do not encourage old cruel techniques of breaking in horses.

One thing we keep in mind while interacting or breaking a horse, that every horse is an individual. It needs to be treated with dedication and love. We do not tell you our trainers skills but we show you, as a horse trainer skills shown in the horse they train.

We offer quality breaking in and harness services at our stables. We first establish trust between trainer and horse, we don’t just rush for breaking in, before backing up we use to slowly make it familiar with basic commands, both on long rein and lunge, then saddle without girth, bridle, and stirrups etc. It prevents horses from being panic.