Farrier Services

Al Jumooh is providing professional horseshoeing services and quality equine hoof care to its clients.

Al Jumooh is an accredited professional for providing quality farrier services whether for therapeutic purposes or for General maintenance. To attain the spot of reliable hoof care provider, we understand that balance and proper hoof maintenance are important for pleasure and performance of the horse. We use proper techniques of hoof reconstruction trims and shoeing, hot shoeing, cold shoeing and glue on shoes etc, which surely improve the movement and soundness of horses and their performance.

Al Jumooh is a paradise for horses as their farrier services help to get relief to the splendid animal.

The horse is a mighty creature which needs proper attention care and support. Al Jumooh is not just a stable for horses but we offer your pet proper attention and assistance of professionals.
Most horse riding clubs/stables do not pay much attention upon professional, skilled farriers, which may be harmful to animal and it is a cruel approach to the animals. In old ages, blacksmith and farriers were considered same, blacksmith performed farrier duties as shoeing horses, fabrication, the forging of architectural pieces and repair of tools and so on. But the modern day they are considered separate as a farrier needs to specialize in horseshoeing and focusing on the care of horse’s hooves. Al Jumooh is aware of the necessity of a specialized farrier. Primarily routine work of a farrier at AL Jumoooh is shoeing and hoof trimming. Trimming of each hoof is important so it retains its proper orientation to the ground. Additional tasks for the farrier at Al Jumooh include dealing with diseased or injured hooves and application of specific shoes for training, racing or cosmetic purposes.

Neglecting proper maintenance and care of equine hoof can affect the performance of a horse. Our primary focus is to hire and provide registered and specialized professionals. We encourage professional farriers to enhance their profession and we encourage horse owners to seek out skilled professional farriers for their horses. Our vision is assigning proficient farriers to perpetuate horse good health. It is not only beneficial for our stable but also it is important for our client’s horses. The ultimate vision has a positive and practical impact on the lives of the horses through the careful selection of efficient professionals in the supportive services for the welfare and care of horses.