Horse Riding Lessons

Al Jumooh is a U.A.E based equestrian club that runs different training courses for horse riding. If you are considering a career with horses or interested to broaden your vision and equine knowledge, then Al Jumooh is the right place for you. You will learn here the basics from mounting to mastering trot.

We are offering horse riding lessons (beginners, advanced), endurance training and professional training. Al Jumooh coaches are experienced and professionally qualified that will teach you in a more appropriate way. We aim for all our riders to reach and achieve their own personal goals in a safe, friendly and fun environment. With our commitment, attentive behavior and community spirit to each and every student, Al Jumooh is the best horse riding center to begin and fine tune your horse riding skills. Our licensed, experienced and insured instructors are also providing a lighted, indoor horse riding arena. If you want to be a safer, better and professional horseback rider, then you should opt Al Jumooh Equestrian Club. Whether you are a child, adult, beginner learner or on a more advanced level, we can help you build your confidence in the animal and experience in riding.

You can learn leading skills, time management and organization skills, core strength, staying in moment and self-confidence along the process. Horses are a great way to learn more about nature and yourself. We also teach you to build a wonderful relationship with the very animal. On the other hand, we also provide worming, blanket changes, feeding training along the way. We teach in a fun and friendly environment on prices which match you.

We are passionate to build U.A.E’s best training base. Al Jumooh teaches interested people to ride and how to look after horses.